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Divine Impact of Sky BoyRecords

MEET DIVINE IMPACT MUSIC a collective of anointed musicians and vocalists who are on a mission to bring people closer to God through their music. A big assignment you might think but with God All thing are possible and Divine Impact Music make it clear that they are certainly with God in both their lyrics and sound. So what do Divine Impact sound like? Read on to find out, watch their promo video and download some of their uplifting music >>>

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Double AK Family Presents The Gold Rush Video

New music mixtape downloads are flooding all over the net presently but the Double AK Family have decided to go against the trend and release Gold Rush by Commission featuring Mym via an action packed adventure style video. Read on to view the full video >>>

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MUSIC: Get to Know David B Music


It’s always REFRESHING to come across new TALENT, particularly when it is centred on the rock of Jesus Christ. This is exactly what DAVID BALOGUN bases his music style on his Christian faith. The R&B, Soul singer expresses messages of hope, courage and breakthrough, a common life theme many can relate to. TNBT got speaking to the  singer, songwriter who is on a God given MISSION to pursue music with everything he has.

For David his music career signifies not only a great passion of his but a life changing decision in which he acknowledges can only be fulfiled with the presence of God in his life.  Read on to view All in Me the promo >>>

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News: A Soldier for Christ Introducing the King one.com at a time


After having a bit of a nose around www.lyricalsoldier.com we are certified FANS of  the Lyrical Soldier website. Not only does the site look great but we were delighted to be greeted by a soulful welcome theme tune and of course his latest tweets!

Born Michael Agyei, the talented preacher, singer, rapper and spoken word poet features three fabulous videos which depict his innovative Gospel style.

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WORD: VibezTalk


We all have different things that we are waiting from God, but in order for that miracle to come to pass you need Faith.

Faith is about believing in the impossible. 
Hebrew 11:1 says: faith is a substance of something we CAN NOT see.

Faith is the only way of communicating with God. 

Have a great day people.

Blessings Mr J-Vibez

 JVibez is a regular contributer  to TNBT as well as Keyboard player, photographer, actor, and songwriter! Check out his some of his other Weekly Words of encouragment here. You can also read his full music group interview with L4C here



WORD: VibezTalk


Proverbs 29:11 says: A FOOL gives full vent to his anger, but a WISE man keeps himself under control.

Proverbs 12:16 A FOOL shows his annoyance at once, but a PRUDENT man overlooks an insult. A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense.

 Have a great day people.

  JVibez is a regular contributer  to TNBT as well as Keyboard player, photographer, actor, and songwriter!  Check out his some of his other Weekly Words of encouragment here. You can also read his full music group interview with L4C here


EVENT: REPEM Youth Workshop Revival

REPEM presents The Youth Workshop Revival

IF YOU NEED AN UPLIFT, some inspiration or a word of encouragement make sure you check out REPEM’s two-day fire-power program @ The Sanctuary Arm Hurst Park. It’s designed to get you burning, revived and shining for the Kingdom of God. The event is taking place Wednesday 9th February 6.30pm-9.30pm and the final show will be on Saturday 12th 6.30pm-9.30pm.

This special event is brought to you by the same team behind the successful C.A.T.C.H  Extravaganza which included performances from the Nu Levites, Firebrand & Arrows of Destiny.  All are welcome, family, friends, Christians and Non Christians too! It’s Free as well. So bring your people and enjoy!

The Schedule kicks off with:

1) Workshop program:
Wednesday, 9th March, 6:30pm – 9pm.  Expect it to be interactive, exciting, insightful, and highly challenging!  

And last but not least:

2) The Revival Conference:
Saturday, 12th March, 6:30pm -9:30pm                                                
Anointed music, powerful vocals drama and other performances


100 Amhurst ParK, Stamford Hill, N16 5NR

See you there!

EVENT: Time for youths of His kingdom to ‘Step Up’


THIS WEEKEND The exciting ‘Stand Up To Stand Out’ concert is taking place in Birmingham’s RCCG Covenant Restoration Assembly. There will be special guest perfomances by Tunday’ , Triple O, S.I. and Love4Christ (L4C)]. As well as appearances from T-boyy NewMan Obileye (J*Stars), Treblez, Poetry from Sandra and many more.  Stand Up to Stand Out is organised by the Kingdom Youths and it occurs twice a year. The team provide an opportunity for youths that truly love God to Stand Up and represent themselves as empowered individuals standing up for the Kingdom in the world. Of course entertainment will be God glorifying, including heartfelt ministrations, delicious food and materials to help the growth of your faith.

So keep the date in your diary free; March 6th. Its steadily approaching don’t miss out get your tickets ASAP and be ready to Stand Up & Stand Out for Christ!

Tickets: £5 and £7 at the door.

Venue: RCCG CRA, Bristol Road Birmingham B5 7AY

Doors: Open 4:30, concert starts 5:30 till 8:30.

The program will be filmed by GL Media.

Photography on the night will be snapped by the extraordinary ‘Starlight’ Imagery Team.

No excuses there is FREE FOOD!!!!

You can get tickets from Noenye [Jvibez] 07702078729

Alternatively contact:

S.I. 07828200051

Holee: 07538116046

JayO: 07810434891

See you There!